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Large Scale IoT Streaming Data Analysis System

AboutThe Client

Our client used data from wifi access points to supply real-world business owners with analyzed data about their visitors, help them create targeted marketing campaigns and increase their return rate. They now operate in 9 countries and have more than 250 venues and advertisers.

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About this project

Project description

The client wanted to utilize all the log data collected on the wifi access point devices to create additional products and improve existing services. As
part of the project, we have created a cloud-based software solution that enables scalable ingestion, storage, and analysis of the WiFi device log data.

Our solution is based on several AWS services and is completely serverless, meaning that all the servers running services are managed by AWS and therefore is fault-tolerant and highly available. Being on AWS services makes the system elastic as well. Costs are proportional to the amount of data ingested and processed.


  • Python, PySpark
  • AWS: Kinesis, Glue, S3, API Gateway, Lambda

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