Diginix - Ai booked orders value 180,000 USD in the month of December

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Award Winner
  1. Custom product development award
  2. Best mobile app development award
  3. Developers of Smart Panchayat,
    Indian Govt. Product.
  1. UAE
  2. Government of India(RAJ)
  3. Government of Botswana 
  4. USA, UK, Saudi, Bahrain, Angola, Oman,
    and many other countries.
  5. Successfully completed over 500 projects.
Latest News:- Diginix - Ai booked orders of value 230,000 USD in the month of December 2023. (2) Dubai based fortune 500 company awarded custom developmet project to Diginix AI . (3) Diginix AI invested and aquired 50% ownership and two patents in two bussiness: 3-D printer manufutring (OZO and ROB) and worlds largest NFT Marketing Company (Nftboosts). (4) Diginix Ai executed turnkey software development project for US based startup "Dog Drop" which helped them to raise funding of 3.3 milion usd at the valuation of 30 million USD. ( 5) At present, Diginix Ai is executing projects in USA, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Botswana, Angola, SomaliLand, India, Yemen, SouthAfrica.

With our base in Dubai, Saudi, Egypt and INDIA we are ready to take challenge and build a flexible product.


Read our success stories and learn about our process of managing a successful project and delivering a timely quality solution.

Our service

We are the industry-toppers and one of the leading organizations when it comes to developing and designing the latest software solutions for the industry. Selecting our services is to choose the best software company in Dubai while we make sure that whether it is E-commerce Solutions, Web Development, Web Designing, Software Development, Software Consulting, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, or rest IT solutions, we cater to them all.

Custom Software Development

We aim to design and develop software of the clients' choice, based on their requirements. A customized tool as we believe is always more profitable in terms of bringing positive outcomes, resource utilization, and providing much better user experience. Our experienced software development team does a wonderful job giving accurate result-oriented solutions to specific organizations that strive to bring betterment to society. We focus on certain areas of software development that are still untouched and unexplored by the rest of the world.

Custom Software Development

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, data science, deep learning are the major areas of IT where we lead the industry. As the best AI agency in Dubai, we make sure that we deliver the most advanced intelligent software solutions to our esteemed clients that help them make the right decisions based on data analytics. We have the expert programmers and project managers in our team who have several years of technical expertise and domain proficiency to produce optimal solutions for your business.

Artificial Intelligence

E-Commerce Development

A store in your locality sells stuff to people staying in and around the place. But to cross the barriers and enhance the sales across the regions with no boundaries, you will require an eCommerce website to reach people across the world. Thus, being the best eCommerce development company in Dubai, we serve the purpose.

E-Commerce Development

Mobile Application Development

We offer the most advanced and the best mobile application development services bringing the latest technical aspects altogether and create result-oriented applications in no time. Our advanced applications help businesses leverage their scalability to a completely new level of advancement where the sales and business growth is a by-product. Android, iOS, or Windows, we do it dynamically as various industries such as travel & tourism, education, sports, health & fitness, beauty, art, entertainment, fashion, real estate, business and marketing, finance, and a lot more are catered.

App Development Services

Custom CRM

When we talk about developing a custom CRM particularly for your organization, we opt for a cloud-based result-driven optimal solution that provides seamless connectivity to all the users. Based on the workforce management system you can set the user-authorities as per your choice. We aim to deliver and maintain the simplest form of centralized, highly secured CRM environment for your organization within your budget.

Custom CRM

Work Speaks Louder Than Words

Dedication and determination drive us towards betterment for every new project we undertake. We believe that serving the best to our esteemed clientele will mark our presence and retain the same in the long run. Taking each project sincerely and committing ourselves to it allows us to create much better solutions than the industry standards. The acuteness towards responsibility makes us stay as the best IT company in Dubai.
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Diginix AI got an opportunity to work with the Government of India, State Rajasthan to develop an autonomous platform for Rajasthan Panchayat. A 3 years project which included complete study and understanding of the Panchayat system of India and includes end to end digitalization of the panchayat system.



We all have seen restaurants paying high charges per order delivery to companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, Talabat etc. Restaurants don't even get the data of their loyal customers. As per the market research, loyal customers are the one who gives recurring orders to restaurants because they like the food, have the taste, prefer the flavours and like the service of that respective restaurant. Even after receiving recurring orders from loyal customers, restaurants have to pay a per order delivery charge of 7% to 34% for every order.



Master Handy Man mobile application for android and apple with Web Dashboard caters each and every need of a service market apps with unlimited service adding functionality, payment gateway and almost each and every feature which you can find in Service Market Application and website. This product was developed for different Clients in USA- Miami, Bahrain, Dubai and India. We call it as Master Handy Man because this product has been in continuous development for last 1 year and upgrade itself with every new client and his/her new requirements.

Handy Man


We have developed multiple commerce portals so far. All our portals supporting multiple languages including Arabic, English, Hindi, Portuguese, and any custom requirement. We have ready products of single vendor, multivendor web portals with mobile applications. Development of ecommerce is never been challenging in fact its easiest product we develop in our organization. The challenging part for other companies in ecommerce is to make it fast enough to cater huge number of users.



Zamkan is a 6 in 1 application which includes more than 40 beautifully designed screens. Product is all about e-commerce and service based applications. This is a multipurpose mobile application with lots of features and superbly coded functionalities with angular JS and iconic framework which gives you quick startup with your business. Product includes android application, iphone application, web application, web based dashboard, Web based Admin panel, live chat support and many other features.



Advance Dog Management System which caters each and every need of a Dog Center. DOG DROP (Fully Featured Dog Facility Center), a Dog care management solution ready to tackle all of your management needs: membership management, billing, booking, marketing and reporting. 100% customizable & specialized online Dog care management system.

Dog Drop


Game X is one of the high value product that our company is developing. Client is the Legend himself – BONO, Paul Hewson with a net-worth of 700Million USD. He is lead singer of U2 Rock Band. Product is being developed from scratch and focuses on all the gamers under single umbrella. Its going to be best possible gaming app in the market. This app is an unique app which comes with many unique features inclusive of Game official accounts, notifications and many other.

Gaming Chat


(AIMS) Advance E-learning Institute management system which caters each and every need of an institute related to online education, e-learning and internal management. AIMS has been developed taking special consideration of Covid 19 across the world and growing needs in the education industry to move forward with E-Learning platforms and introducing IT in their daily operations.



Knotty Dating App is an unique app which comes with many unique features inclusive of restaurants availability and suggestions to setup dates with discounts. This a complex custom product under development for a Dubai based customer. It has all possible payment facilities, emoji support and snap chat type filters. The mobile application is for both android and apple with Web Dashboard to caters for admins. Knotty Dating App is the most advanced dating application ever made till date. We expect that product will cater over 50% of the UAE market within first year of market launch.



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