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GAME X – Gaming Chat App


Game X is one of the high-value products that our company is developing. The client is the Legend himself – BONO, Paul Hewson with a net-worth of 700Million USD. He is the lead singer of the U2 Rock Band. The product is being developed from scratch and focuses on all the gamers under a single umbrella. It’s going to be the best possible gaming app in the market. 

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About this project

About the Product:

Game X is one of the high value product that our company is developing. Client is the Legend himself – BONO, Paul Hewson with a net-worth of 700Million USD. He is lead singer of U2 Rock Band. Product is being developed from scratch and focuses on all the gamers under single umbrella. Its going to be best possible gaming app in the market. This app is an unique app which comes with many unique features inclusive of Game official accounts, notifications and many other. The mobile application is for both android and apple with Web Dashboard to caters for admins and chat too. Knotty Dating App is the most advanced dating application ever made till date. We expect that product will cater over 50% of the UAE market within first year of market launch.


The product comes with complete customization and state of art technology at par with the level of coding which Facebook and what’s app are using. Our USA based inhouse developers are leading this project. Customer had paid heavy amount to develop this app and demands the very high quality product. Client plans to launch the product across the world in one go with a budget of multimillion dollars. Hence you can imagine the level of development and quality process our team is managing. Development is ongoing. Product also comes with lots of AI features and data analytics features with predictive analysis as well. Our qualified team is under process of delivering the most advanced gaming app in the market.


Diginix Ai has a set process that is followed for every project. Please refer the Page “ “ for Process reference.

Design and Development:

It’s a 10-month sequential development product where first the android app is completed and then our team will start working on the apple app. Product is being developed from scratch including developing all its 3rd party available Apis. The client has been included in every stage of product development. The client was given the update on the project weekly with a proper project review session every Monday.

Quality Assurance & Testing:

Diginix Ai is following the agile approach for the development where testing is done on every module developed. We follow this approach for all extremely high valued projects where reporting requirements are very high and contractually agreed. This make sure the quality of the product at functional level. We believe that the product should be delivered and developed with 100% accuracy and amazing quality. Diginix AI being a process driven company can never go wrong in product delivery and development. Our founders specially channelize their energy on product quality and the following processes. Quality assurance is a halfway ticket to be a trusted company in any field.

Our Testing team checks all errors, bugs, connectivity to the servers, loading time of the application, and support system.

Conclusion & Result:

The product is under development and delivered is scheduled for 2021. Underdevelopment product is available for demo. Features will not be disclosed.

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