Diginix - Ai booked orders value 180,000 USD in the month of December

Partner with Jawda

Partner with Jawda

We are partnership with JAWDA to be one of the top branded engineering service providers in our field. Not only for our high-quality services, but also for our responsibility to be creative and to adapt values & ethics in our business practices.

All Jawda staff share a responsibility of how to act in relation to our clients. We continuously strive to get continual updated knowledge to improve our company services and responsibilities.

Since our start in 2001, we have demonstrated for both our clients and our
employees that JAWDA is a reliable service provider and a stimulating
workplace. We currently have about 100 employees, and we still growing and
looking for acquiring new shares of market.

As we spend much of our lives at work, I believe it is my responsibility to ensure we all have an enjoyable and stimulating working relationship as possible. It makes me happy when I see my colleagues at JAWDA competent and willing to share their knowledge, and simultaneously warm and friendly. On behalf of the board, we look forward to serving you and meeting your expectations.


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