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Path by DiginixAi

PATH is a state level social work organization, which has been active in state of Rajasthan for last 5 years. PATH has been responsible for organizing multiple events which has impacted & improved life of people directly and indrectly. PATH has been focused for cleanliness drive and operate with a vision to maintain the hygine in the city. PATH also works to support war widows for upliftment of their life. PATH registration has been applied in state of Rajasthan as an NGO.

PATH has been cofounded by the vision of Vishnu Chawda and Diginix AI Company founders Priyanshu Joshi and Nishant Pandey. Diginix AI conducts CSR activites through PATH.

Path Foundation

Path Activities

Path 1

PATH conducted Bike Rally in the support of GIRL Child. Social worker and Co-founder of PATH Mr. Vishnu Chawda has been seen actively participating and organizing the activity.

Path 2

PATH conducted educational drive for most vulnerable children. Social worker and Co-founder of PATH Mr. Vishnu Chawda has been seen actively encouraging kids and promoting education among them.

Path 3

With the focus of supporting WAR WIDOWS, PATH organized award ceremony to give respect to war widows and support them for upliftment of their daily life.

NEKI KI DIWAR event was organized by PATH where Social Worker Mr. Vishnu Chwada actively participated and collected huge amount of cloths from people to donate it to those who needs the most.

Path 6

PATH Cloth distribution campaign was carried out with Social Worker Vishnu Chawda. Where large number of PATH social workers participated and donated cloths to those who needs the most.

PATH has been very active in organizing blood donation camps through out the year. PATH also organize award ceremony to facilitate those who donate blood during the camp.

पथ फाउंडेशन

आज पथ संस्था द्वारा पुलिस स्थापना दिवस के दिन पड़ती भीषण गर्मी में अलवर शहर के सभी पुलिस नाकों पर ड्यूटी दे रहे पुलिस जनावों (कोरोना फ़ाइटर्स) को शीतल पेय (फ़्रूटी) वितरित किया।

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