Diginix - Ai booked orders value 180,000 USD in the month of December



Products 1


Diginix AI got an opportunity to work with the Government of India, State Rajasthan to develop an autonomous platform for Rajasthan Panchayat.

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Products 1

Traction for Restaurants

Traction is a trusted product running live in 120 restaurants and facilitated over 100,000 orders. The Food and Beverage Industry

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Products 2

Master Handyman Pro

Master Handy Man mobile application for android and apple with Web Dashboard caters to each and every need of a service

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Products 3

Multiple Ecommerce Portals

We have developed multiple commerce portals so far. All our portals supporting multiple languages including Arabic, English,

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Products 4

Zamkan App

World’s Best Custom Service and maintenance App and website with the extra feature of inbuilt eCommerce.

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Products 5

Dog Drop

Advance Dog Management System which caters to each and every need of a Dog Center. Enjoy a Dog care management solution

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Products 6

GAME X – Gaming Chat App

Game X is one of the high-value product that our company is developing. The client is the Legend himself – BONO, Paul Hewson

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Products 7


(AIMS) Advance E-learning Institute management system which caters each and every need of an institute related to online education,

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Products 8

Knotty Dating App

Knotty Dating App is an unique app that comes with many unique features inclusive of restaurants availability and suggestions

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Products 9

Real Estate CRM and Mobile Application

DiginixAi’s Real Estate CRM and Mobile Application connect every customer data in one place to help you manage and sell

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Products 10

iFirsh – Request for Quotations

iFirsh is an On-Demand Quotations app that allows buyers to create requests for quotations of products and services,

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Products 11

Ideal Fix

Now with the Ideal Fix, you can enjoy on-home services that make things easier for everyday living. With this app, you can…

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