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About this project

Zamkan is a 6 in 1 application that includes more than 40 beautifully designed screens. Product is all about e-commerce and service-based applications. This is a multipurpose mobile application with lots of features and superbly coded functionalities with angular JS and ionic framework which gives you quick startup with your business. The product includes the android application, iPhone application, web application, web-based dashboard, Web-based Admin panel, live chat support, and many other features.


The client was based in Dubai and negotiations on the requirements and features were held for more than 2 weeks. Every design was discussed and finalized with the client. NDA was signed for the product. Client came back to us with adding new features and our team supported us to provide the same within the contractual period.


Diginix AI is a process-driven organization with Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Leaders running the company. We believe if the process is right and followed with accuracy, none can stop operational excellence with relentless execution. We are not only a development company but also technical consultants, our quotations has a section for free consulting of the product developed by us per week. We believe that the product developed by us should live with running a successful business. We follow a simple process of execution, where the first step is to brief research about the project and a conference call with the client to understand the exact requirements. We pitch various new ideas and upgrades to clients during this meeting. Once the requirements are clear and finalized, we prepare a quotation for the client followed by the second conference call to cross-check each and every point related to the project. Once the quotation is finalized, we prepare the contract for the client and send it for submission.

Contract signature is followed by the Purchase order from the client. Where we sign and acknowledge the same. We offer weekly review meetings to the client as per our given milestones for the project and quick means of support by our support id. We believe that the success behind any quality product is the excellent process and dedicated team working on the same.

Design and Development:

It took us 2 months and 2 weeks to complete the project from scratch. Product included android and iphone application with web based dashboard, website and live chat support. 40 different screen’s were designed and functionalities were coded for both android and iphone applications using angular JS. Client was given the update on the project weekly with a proper project review session every monday.

Quality Assurance & Testing:

Product went on live successfully, completing its 1 year of operations. All the bugs were corrected on the demo server itself. Small changes were made during the project live stage as per clients requirements. Delivering quality products is one of our value stones in the company. Diginix AI being a process driven company can never go wrong in product delivery and development. Our founders specially channelize their energy on product quality and the following processes. Quality assurance is a halfway ticket to be a trusted company in any field.

Our Testing team checked the health of Zamkan, all errors, bugs, connectivity to the servers, loading time of the application, and support system.

Conclusion & Result:

Product went on live completing its One year of operations without any problem. Client was extremely satisfied with our service and delivery speed. Client also recommended us for two new projects from different customers.



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