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DiginixAi’s Real Estate CRM and Mobile Application connect every customer data in one place to help you manage and sell your properties quicker. Supercharge your lead management and maintain client relationships like never before.

DiginixAi Real Estate CRM
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About this project


Below is an account of a few significant functions covered under each module. 


  • Capture leads from Google, MagicBricks, Facebook, and distribute them to your sales rep based on location, language, or any other criteria.
  • Run email campaigns & remarketing campaigns on the latest projects & capture interest.
  • Build beautiful, responsive landing pages to highlight your latest projects and convert visitors to prospects.


  • Manage all your leads in one place with DiginixAi CRM Lead Management.
  • Follow up reminders & notifications. Automate manager interventions for missed tasks & activities.
  • Call center & field force management. Integrates with Zoom, Knowlarity, and other video conferencing & telephony services.
  • Inventory management to avoid double bookings.

Post Sales

  • Complete booking and order processing.
  • The integrated payment gateway for milestone-based payment.
  • Customer communication to notify customers on project updates, latest information, and more.

Broker & Partner Referrals

  • Online document collection, eKYC, and more for seamless onboarding of brokers & partners.
  • Manage your referral partners, update them with the latest project updates, and share commission information.
  • Lead referral portals for partners & brokers to add new leads, update activity, track status of leads, and more.


Keep your office and operations running uninterrupted.

  • Inquiry Capture: Capture property inquiries from all sources: website, Facebook, Google, referrals, etc. into one platform.
  • Inventory Management: Manage real estate inventory within CRM and allow automated inventory mapping. 
  • Marketing Automation: Set omnichannel marketing automation to engage prospects and nudge new inquiries to conversions.
  • Built-in Dialer: Track and record conversations with prospects to ensure high compliance and productivity.
  • Mobile CRM: Plan your day in advance, update activities, upload documents and track your field agents.
  • Inquiry Distribution: Easily track and distribute inquiries between your teams based on any dynamic criteria.
  • Task Prioritization: Use a combination of the lead quality score and activity score to show your sales team prioritized tasks.
  • Dashboards & Reports: Over 135+ reports help you measure every piece of your process – the campaign spends to sales closure.

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