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Project Covid Captain

Pandemic Disease App Ecosystem

We will Track the location and details of infected person with a single click of button.


Project Covid Captain 1 Timely Execution
Transparency with government


Project Covid Captain 2  Health & Safety
Relentless Execution

Project Covid Captain 3

Interface 1

Application will have user interface, where normal world user who wants to support with containing and stopping the disease from wide-spreading will download the application. User will have a bar code which will help to create his unique identity. User can enter his name and authorize the application to track his location all the time from the time of download. 

Interface 2

Second Interface will b e of government bodies who are working hard to stop the spread of contagious disease. Here in any user found infected can be asked by the government to how the application. Where government will scan his bar code and immediately get the complete details of his location he stayed, travel path he took, amount of people he might have infected and real time location/details of all those people who have crossed his path with a distance of 6 feet or less.


Application will improve its efficiency as the number of download grows. More people download the application better will be the data. Application will work on auto connecting node to node model where user 1 application will automatically interactive with the user 2 application if the distance between them is less them Six feet. Application will share the data between each other and store in a common data base for government interface. Therefore where ever user 1 goes, app will keep collecting the data of its location and the details of other user who is in the reach of six feet from user 1. In case user 1 gets infected, government will scan the bar code of his application and will get the details of all the users he might have infected. 

Application will also have a feature of retrieving old location data, in case user have not downloaded the app when he was found infected. Government will ask user to download the app in the phone and government will be able to retrieve the location’s he travelled.

With a full team of developers “COVID CAPTAIN” application is under development and will be finished in near future.



Today’s Health is Future Tomorrow

Vision to contain any pandemic disease with immediate effect.

“Lets start with Corona Virus”


USD 10MImmediate Requirement

Phase 1 – Corona – Presently in execution

  • Worldwide marketing at massive scale.  
  • Worldwide Government & NGO Tie-ups
  • Immediate Development
  • Dedicated teams for support.
  • Information about safety measures for corona virus.
  • Live news update around the world


Phase 2 – Any pandemic

  • Global platform to contain any pandemic disease occurring in near future.
  • Full time Dedicated Team for support


Today’s Health is Future Tomorrow

Vision to contain any pandemic disease with immediate effect.

“Lets start with Corona Virus”

First of its kind solution for world protection

Stop Pandemic Disease

Project Covid Captain 4




To make SMART Government and Good Governance around the world.


Diginix AI is dedicated to delivering effective, efficient respectful public service with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative method.


Develop unique user-friendly methods and operational system to promote transparency, timely execution and innovative technologies.


Improving Operational effectiveness and promoting Relentless execution with transparency to stop the spread of any pandemic disease around the world.

Let’s Stop Corona Virus (COVID -19) from spreading

Project Covid Captain 5

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