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What is SEO? How does it work?

what is SEO

Do you know that there are crores of website on internet all over the world, just think about how you will you find your requirement in those crores of website. Think of a situation where you want to buy a book or you want to know about a place or a thing, than what will you do as you can’t search all those website for specific thing. In this situation we take help of SEARCH ENGINE.


Search Engine is a tool related to web which help people on internet to get there right information as per the requirement. In another word, it is a software which help user to get to their search keyword easily. For this you need a browser in your Computer, Laptop, Mobile etc. Google, Yahoo, MSN search etc are popular search engine now a day’s.


Full Form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is a process by which we can bring any website on top in Search Engine. In other words, we can say that using this technique we can bring more and more traffic to any website. That means if you search any keyword on google and its result comes in first page than we can say that website has good SEO. You can also use this for your website to get more traffic to it.


For example you are in need of mobile phone and you visit a shop. You will ask shopkeeper to show you mobile as per your requirement, now Shopkeeper will search his shop as per your mobile requirement. As per your taste he knows where he has that mobile in his shop. Shopkeeper will show you the best mobile of his shop on which people has more trust. After that he will show you the new and cheap mobiles. In the same way Google also works. Google showcase the popular websites on first page. we would like to tell you that SEO is not a MAN, it works on algorithms terms.

To bring any of the website to top-10 in Search Engine for which there are one/two elements on which you need to work.


For the better result of SEO, you need to work on your website. For this the coding of website should be as per SEO else lot of problem comes while doing SEO. For best result please follow the following points :-

First, recognise the keywords which you want to target.
When you plan for a good keyword then you should create webpage url according to keyword or web address.
Make good Meta Title as most of the user read this and click on it.
The meta description should made in such a way that anyone can understand it easily.
Images should be used and should mention image title in ALT Tag.
Content should be of be of good quality.
A website should be Mobile Friendly and also speed should be good.


OFF SITE SEO is just opposite of ON-SITE SEO. In this we don’t have to do any work on our site. Working on other popular website by adding our website link to those and do marketing is OFF SITE SEO. For best result please follow the following points:-

Make all social media profile of your website and update it regularly.
MAke backlinking to other websites ( to do in comment list or bookmark).
To run Ad Campaign on Google, Facebook etc.
To exchange link from friends or Bloggers website and tell them to put your link to there website and tell about them.
Personally tell everyone about your site.


Just think of if you have started any company or services, till the time you wont tell about your company or services then how will you sale your product. For this you do marketing of your product door to door than only people get to know and they buy your product. SEO does the same work in Digital Form. This through Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter etc-update the people about your website and services. SEO comes in the type of Digital Marketing only.
Content Source: – Techactive

I hope this post will be helpful for you and your business. In case you have any question in your mind than you can comment and if you like our post then please do share it.

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