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The Evolution of Marketing

The Evolution of Marketing

Marketing has been in existence since the concept of markets and buying and selling has come into existence. Everyone who needs to sell something needs to do marketing in one form or another. As the markets have changed and evolved through the generations so has the marketing.

In the early days, the only form of marketing available was face to face marketing, people just used to talk to people and explain to them their products and tried to persuade them to buy the products, and this has been the only form of marketing used for centuries. Then, in about 15th century, mass printing became possible for the first time and then printed ads started to appear. Then slowly printed ads started to appear everywhere and became the most widely used and main form of marketing till the 18th century when the billboards started to appear first, but even the billboards offering an alternate form of marketing, printed advertisements still remain the most common form of marketing. Billboards were very expensive, so they were only available for the rich and privileged.

That means common people were still using printed advertisements for marketing their products. Then soon as the number of magazines started growing in numbers, advertisements in magazines also started to become affordable to the people. But the need for a new medium of marketing was evident cause the printed posters everywhere were now unable to lure people, where these posters became a headache for people. Even in some countries, it was illegal to use posters on buildings and properties.

The need for new forms of marketing ended in the 20th century when the use of radio started and then suddenly you can listen to all types of advertisements on the radio, day and night. Soon after the early use of telephones and television started, the marketing industry involved with them, and them telemarketing calls and luring visuals ads were everywhere. Telemarketing and visual advertisements are the most effective forms of advertisements that are still used widely but the users have now started to diminish after the emerge of digital marketing. After the emergence of the internet, the scene of marketing changed and became humongous.

Internet provided endless opportunities for marketing and then with the introduction of smartphones, marketing is all about a click or a touch. So, change is the only permanent is the only quote to stick by in the marketing industry.

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