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“Robinhood of Entrepreneurs” Priyanshu Joshi & Nishant Pandey, Diginix Ai IT Solutions Dubai

Robinhood of Entrepreneurs DiginixAi

Robinhood of Entrepreneurs “your quality is your logo. your personality is your visiting card and the influence you create over others after meeting them becomes your trademark” – if someone could do justice with the above-mentioned quote then they are none other than bright and talented entrepreneurs Priyanshu Joshi and Nishant Pandey, CEO, and co-founder of DiginixAI (Software company in Dubai, UAE).

Today, Priyanshu Joshi and Nishant Pandey are not merely some emerging entrepreneurs but well known and established personalities for the world of software and web development, the reason isn’t lying in their top-notch advertisement but the CEO’s and CTO’s obsession with the quality of work they posses. Once a dreamer with high ambitions, now a business entrepreneur Priyanshu Joshi has graduated with a bachelor’s in computer science engineering from Rajasthan Technical University, India, and a master’s in international business from Hult International Business School, Dubai. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt certified professional with extensive experience in the energy and information technology sector.

A powerhouse of innovative business solutions Nishant Pandey, co-founder and CTO of the enterprise has come a long way and developed multiple state of art products. A few of their prominent products are Smart E Police and Traction, where Smart E Police, an autonomous platform for UP Police (Indian State). A 3 years project which included a complete study and understanding of the Police force system of India and includes end to end digitalization of the policing system. In these digitalized business times, building a personal brand means carrying a face for advertisement and sharing a bunch of business cards at various events and social gatherings but a unique approach to business handling and people relation put Priyanshu and Nishant just stand apart and at top of the ladder every time.

Insights (Diginix AI- best IT and software company in Dubai)

In their own words, both co-founders expressed that -Diginix AI takes pride in the partnerships they form with all of their clients. Their mantra is “Be Thoughtful in Everything You Do.” They believe that if you put an extra measure of considered thought into every design, plan, and interaction, the results will exceed expectations. And By connecting user-first insights with design methods and technology, they believe that lasting value comes from making things better – not just making better things.

Clutch, a top surveying firm for software companies has awarded a five-star rating and says Diginix AI is one of the trustworthy and most reliable software development companies in recent times. Diginix has the best-experienced engineers and managers who dedicatedly work together with web developers and analysts who specialize in the customer web portal, cloud-based projects, and application development. They analyze and measure the client’s business model precisely to take the organizations to grow to the next level. Diginix has recently installed a new start-up campaign where they provide massive discounts to entrepreneurs to help them develop minimum viable products at very low cost which supports new and small entrepreneurs to keep their share with them instead of diluting with the investors for a small financial help thus they got widely famous as Robinhood of Entrepreneurs. They have over 30,000 student community connected with them for the same.

Diginix Ai IT Solutions also provides annual free of cost technical and business consultation to new start-ups for the execution of their projects in the early years. Also along with Dubai, Diginix has its subsidiary branches in India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Uk and sales representatives in the US, Africa with a keen focus on custom development of web, apps, and software, IT service and solution, and business services. The company also runs a separate division of marketing which is solely focused on Digital Marketing and innovative ways of bringing business through SEO and SMO.


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