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How to start eCommerce Business


E-commerce, We do remember rushing to the markets or shops around the corner, whenever we required anything, but are we doing the same nowadays?. If yes, then a very little, so who is there to help us with our chores? who is delivering goods and services at our doorstep? Who is taking care of our shopping choices? Why are we not visiting stores frequently as earlier?. Well, the answer to all the questions is online buying and selling or E-Commerce platforms as we commonly know it.

Basically, E-commerce is known as electronic commerce where all the businesses related to buying and selling of goods and services combined with money transactions along with the data maintenance take place over the internet. Nowadays, E-commerce is not a mere alternative but is a separate business where well-known and big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, eBay, and many more rules over the globe. So if we generalize then E-commerce is a commercial transaction that takes place over the internet.

E-commerce is now blooming bigger than ever. It has a business value of more than 4$ billion which is more than the economy of many countries. There are numerous E-commerce activities such as online food delivery systems, groceries, and household, fashion and lifestyle, services like house cleaning, medical services, and many more. Hence it can be said that E-commerce has become a vital part of our life as it covers every aspect.

Since E-commerce is an online business, therefore, a website or an online platform where the customer and seller can make transactions of goods and services is its basic requisites. Also, along with that there are many other essential elements for E-commerce websites such as it should be user friendly, shopping and check out process should be simplified, the website must have mobile compatibility, it should carry the proper images and descriptions of the products and services, a customer support portal should be there to deal with customer-related problems, as a lot of online money transaction takes place there must be reliable and strong security and privacy management of the customer’s credentials.

Overall, we can say that in modern times like these when life is quite fast and we hardly get the times for our daily chores, E-commerce is the best we could get a customer as it has a global reach, universal standards, information density, and social technology. Thus, E-commerce has become a vital part of our pacy lives and need of the hour.

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