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Has it gone too far

Has it gone too far

Smartphones has now become an integral part of our lives, no less than food. We just cannot live without them, or it will not be exaggerated to say that, we cannot even imagine living without smartphones. One might not want to believe it but smartphones came in our life just a decade back. The majority of the population on earth have lived more than half their lives without smartphones, but now we can’t imagine anything without them. So, how come it happened that humans, the superior race, became a slave to a machine, and that also in such a short span. We are not just using smartphones, we are dependent on it in every way.

Smartphones in its present form is way much more than a phone. We are degrading it if we are still calling it a phone. It is a phone, a camera, a music player, a theatre, a library and whatnot. It has enclosed the whole world in it. We think we are dependent on this small device, but this us not the case. We are just accessing things according to our needs but all the things are enclosed in this device. There ia an application dor everything, if you can about something, you can find that in an app. There has come a time when we are accessing even doctors virtually. It has made our lives so much easier and better but have we reached at the edge.

Will smartphones be the cause of the collapse of our society?? Will it be the cause of a destructive vacuum? I am asking these questions because of the vacuum smartphones are creating. As the use and applications of smartphones are growing exponentially, the jobs and opportunities are also decreasing at a rapid rate in an ever growing population. The wealth gap is increasing day by day, pushing the poor towards the edge. We are now seeing ourselves rushing towards a vacuum that will just collapse thw modern societies in spiral. If the new opportunities and resources are not developed for the common society, then the walls of dam will break destructing everything in the way.

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