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DiginixAi is now offering payment Integration of your existing business application with Stripe and Foloosi

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I don’t know whether you have come across the most prominent news or not. The information is Diginix is now offering payment Integration of your existing business application with Stripe and Foloosi. Isn’t it a piece of good news for all business owners? However, many business owners must be thinking about why interaction is essential for business? So let us first see the answer to the above question.

Integration between various applications involves a bridge that combines the gap between other applications.

In this age where technologies are growing, most businesses have been using different applications in their everyday operation. Extended use of other applications means that integration solutions are considerably needed to improve communication and gathering of data over applications. In the current revolution of industry (Industry 4.0), integration is exceptionally significant. It is one of the nine pillars that make Industry 4.0.

As we have seen, why integration is essential now let us know what payment integration by DiginixAi is offered.


Foloosi Technology is one of the largest online Payment Gateway in the United Arab Emirates. Foloosi Technology, a payment gateway UAE, returns to you easy-to-use options that are designed to be easy, healthy, and backed by reputed partners to give security and a trustworthy and good customer experience. The world is moving faster day by day with the potential of digital information & technology. Foloosi’s purpose includes Getting digitized payments/ transactions during UAE, reforming the cash payments, Providing easy payments for customers to pay bills, recharge, book tickets, scan and pay, etc. and make them enjoy their life; enables business owners to accept payments without the need of any POS/ swipe machine or any other more extensive infrastructure.


Stripe was established in 2011 and is a payment gateway that allows you to accept credit card payments (in person or online) by giving money within your merchant account and a payment processor. This is made using a physical credit card limit or an online processor. Stripe has cloud-based support intended for security, scalability, and protection. Not to consider, it’s very developer-centric, operates for business websites and applications, and is rooted in both code and design.

In summation, Stripe can be used as a standalone solution for sending out invoices and collecting payments for products or services. Though this is not the most popular way to use Stripe, it’s another way to use this flexible and robust payment gateway for most people who integrate into the eCommerce sites.

So if you want to integrate payment methods in your business, you can directly contact payment integration by DiginixAi. DiginixAi has the best payment integration team, which will help you to integrate your payment gateway quickly and rapidly. Also, their support team is available 24/7 so that you will need not worry about any problems you face. You can contact them directly and get your issues to solve.

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