Diginix - Ai booked orders value 180,000 USD in the month of December

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Diginix Ai, all set to raise funds at a valuation of Rs. 500 Crore (USD 66 Million) for its Automobile CRM

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It is growing as a Dubai-based IT company with Indian founders whose years of experience have provided clients with custom IT solutions and services.

Several businesses and industries are on a constant rise. Ever wondered what could be the reasons behind their exponential rise. Well, there could be innumerable factors, but sheer resilience, hard work, and the ability to walk in sync with the industry’s changing times of certain professionals have allowed their industries to propel forward to massive growth and success. First time in India, a product like this can change the landscape of the whole industry. A few Indian founders have been doing exactly that in the vast and ever-evolving information technology industry with their one-of-a-kind Dubai-based multinational Information Technology company named “Diginix Ai”, an 11-year-old company thriving on its robust IT solutions and customized IT services as well as a passionate team of professionals.

Diginix Ai has yet again garnered many headlines as it is all set to raise funds at a valuation of Rs. 500 Crore for its Automobile CRM. Its Indian founders, namely Priyanshu Joshi, Nishant Pandey, and Devesh Nakra, have been experts in the industry with a combined experience of 30 years in international sales and marketing, Technology and Security, and Automobile Distributorship Industry pan India and are all set to grow their product on exponential pace.

These young co-founders have been developing an Automobile CRM for the last one year, which is touted as a product capable of changing the working of Automobile agencies all over India. Talking about the products, the co-founders explain that it is under the Beta Testing phase with 30 Automobile Agencies of India now, with the next target to reach 100 agencies within the next two months.

Adding further, they say that the product will be launched with a capability of saving 768 crores annual operational expenditure done by single brand of agencies across India, and the savings will be significantly increased with product up-gradation. Moreover, to make the transition seamless, the product has been integrated with major tools used by agencies. It is highly scalable and can perform end to end function of an agency with minimum use of manual intervention.

Agency’s profitability will be only higher, highlighting that the Automobile CRM’s usage would increase with time. For every agency, there will be approximately savings of 1.5 to 2 lakhs per month, which will increase their profitability exponentially. The sales efficiency of agencies has even seen a rise, with the pinpoint target market, faster execution of operations, helping in quick decision making, stock support and many more, thanks to the tremendous potential the product has shown during testing.

Diginix Ai has excelled in the industry for its custom IT solutions with a wide range of services like mobile applications with Advance Artificial intelligence inheritances and Advance Cloud-based Web platforms development, etc. It became more prominent when it got associated with the government of India for working with them and consulting them at the state of Rajasthan on various IT initiatives.

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