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Cultural change and its scientific aspects

Cultural change and its scientific aspects

Indian culture is as varied as its vast geographical location. People here speak different languages, wear different clothes, follow different religions, eat different food but have the same nature. So whether it is an occasion of happiness or a moment of sorrow, people participate in it wholeheartedly, simultaneously experiencing happiness or pain. A festival or an event is not limited to a household or family. The entire community or neighborhood is involved in celebrating happiness on one occasion, similarly, an Indian marriage ceremony is organized in which not only the bride and groom but the two families also meet. Whether it is a matter of their culture or religion. Similarly, in grief, neighbors and friends play an important role in reducing that pain.

India’s global image is that of an emerging and progressive nation. True, India has crossed many boundaries in all fields in recent years, such as commerce, technology, and development, etc., and at the same time, it has not neglected its other creative intelligence. You wonder what it is, it is alternative science, which has been practiced continuously in India since time immemorial. Ayurveda is a unique form of medicine made entirely of herbs and natural weeds that can cure any disease in the world. Ayurveda is also mentioned in the Ramayana, a book of ancient India. And even today when the western concept of medicine has reached its peak, there are people who are looking for alternative methods of treatment for a wide variety of specialties.

Today, with the increasing complexities of a person’s life, people are constantly searching for a medium through which they can get some peace of mind. Here is another science, which we know as meditation and it is associated with spirituality. Meditation and yoga are synonymous with India and Indian spirituality. Meditation is the most important component of yoga, which is the treatment of mind and body, including a series of exercises. The term meditation encompasses many exercises that involve looking at situations in a real way, focusing on an object or images, thinking through a complex idea, or getting into a provocative book, all of these focus broadly. Are types of. While meditation in yoga generally refers to focusing the mind more formally and seeing oneself in a moment. Many people from India and abroad take shelter of yoga and meditation to relieve stress and make the mind fresh.

Another widely prevalent ideology in India is the ideology of karma, according to which each person should only do the right thing or those facts come to him in the full circle of his life as a person.

Recently, another important aspect of India is the emergence of a new age woman. Women in India are predominantly housewives, while this scenario is changing now. In many places, especially in metros and other cities, women earn a livelihood for the household and they work at par with their male counterparts. The rise in the cost of living/economy has contributed to the rise in this aspect.

The beauty of Indian citizens lies in their tolerance, the feeling of giving and giving, and the mixture of cultures that can be compared to a garden that has flowers of many colors and colors, while they have their own existence and are Indian-like.

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