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Be ahead of the curve

Be ahead of the curve

Be ahead of the curve, Do you know Nokia owned about forty percent of the cellphone industry till 2010, and now after a decade later its market share us not even worth mentioning. So, what happened to the world’s largest cellphone manufacturer, what went wrong into the process, how can a company so big fell into ashes so quickly. The only answer to all these questions is that they did not change them as rapidly as the world around them was changing, and when they realized this then it was too late and they lagged so much behind in this cut-throat market. There are numerous examples of the monopolies which crashed faster than the blink of an eye because they just kept thinking rather than changing themselves with the world.

We are living in a fantasy, where you just can’t stand at one place. It feels to me like we are flowing in a technological river and any business which stops at a place just drowns and destroys. With every new ray of sun striking the earth, there is a new technological advancement happening in the world. The people who understand this cycle of change and have a vision of the future lead the world.

The founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos understood the importance of the internet and the business model of the future at that time when people did not even know about the internet. Today he is the richest man on the planet, with no one even near him, he is showing people the scales that one can take their business to if they grab the right opportunities to keep them ahead of the cycle. In no time we will be seeing electric vehicles all around us and all the oil run vehicles will be vanished.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is leading the charge in this matter and only a decade old company has become the biggest automobile company leaving everyone behind. Numerous examples like google, facebook, apple etcetera are there to tell us that the ones with the vision of the future will rule it. The businesses we are looking for today will no longer work in the same way as today and the rate of the change will determine the dominance of the business in the new world.

We here at DiginixAi are trying to change your organizations and business for the better. So that you do not become the next Nokia but the next apple. We are here to equip with all the advanced technologies so that you always remain a torchbearer of change rather than following a herd. Join us to get yourself ahead of the curve…

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